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Welcome to the T2T study:
A focus on peer support among transgender (trans) and gender diverse (TGD)* people!


Our study was a trans-led collaboration with community stakeholders and a group of researchers across Canada to understand the role of peer support in building resilience among TGD people. By peer support, we mean unpaid, nonprofessional psychological and social support that TGD people provide to one another.


The study is now complete, and you may learn about its findings by reviewing our final community report. Alternately, we welcome you to read about our study at greater length in our first open access article.

To view a webinar summarizing the findings of this study, please click here.

For more information, you may contact the study's principal investigator, Hannah Kia:

Hannah Kia

Assistant Professor

School of Social Work
The University of British Columbia

2080 West Mall Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z2

Tel: (604) 822-6073


* The term “TGD” means anyone who does not exclusively identify with the sex and/or gender assigned to them at birth.  It includes people who identify as “male” or “female” but were assigned a different sex at birth, along with folks who are non-binary, Two-Spirit, gender diverse, genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, trans men, trans women, transsexual, or any other identity not exclusively corresponding with their sex and/or gender assigned at birth.  The term “TGD,” in this study, is also inclusive of folks who are not transitioning and/or seeking gender affirmation medically, socially, and/or legally, but still meet this definition of the term.

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